Comp Air 12

Cruise Speed (knots)

Maximum Seating

Useful Load (lbs)

Maximum Range (NM)

With all the cramped, light jet and turboprops, either in or just entering the market, isn’t it refreshing to know that there is a new, no compromise star about to enter the game, offering a stylish, 8+2 standup cabin, with an enclosed lav, that will cruise at 310 knots, and can fly from just about anywhere to anywhere in the United States, non-stop? Meet the Comp Air 12, all carbon composite, single-engine, turboprop.

Keep in mind that most light jets and sporty propjets, although nice to look at, offer small cabins and short leg space. Not the limitations you need if you are talking owner/flown flexibility, Fortune 500 corporate missions or air taxi service. The Comp Air 12 can play all those positions without compromise, saving tons of fuel and maintenance dollars over any close-to-comparable aircraft.

General Specs

1200 - 1600 HP
Cruise Speed:
300 kts
Stall Speed
73 kts
35,000 Ft
Fuel Capacity:
600 gallons
500 lbs

Interior Configurations


8 Place Executive


10 Place Air Taxi

The CA12 provides a virtual standup cabin, with a height of 70 inches, allowing passenger and crew to move and work efficiently throughout the cabin, and to remain comfortable and fresh even after the longest of flights. The long and wide cabin offers space for a variety of seating configurations.

The length of the cabin provides for a very spacious 6 place executive arrangement allows for all forward facing seats, or a club seating arrangement to work face to face while in the air.  A private, closed off lav makes for a luxurious VIP configuration.  Of course the required food and beverage cabinets in the aft section of the aircraft to complete your executive travel package.

With higher density seating (all seats facing forward), a maximum of ten (10) passengers can be carried for corporate shuttle or air taxi operations (maximum permitted under the FAA rules for single engine turboprops).

Airframe Specs

48 ft
41.5 ft
15 ft
Wing Area:
300 sq. Ft.
Wing Loading
35 lbs./sq. ft.
Empty Weight:
5,880 lbs.
Gross Weight:
10,800 lbs.
1200 - 1600 HP
Constant Speed / Reversible
Fuel Capacity:
600 gal.
500 lbs.

Perfomance Specs

Top Speed:
350 Kkts
Cruise Speed:
300 kts
Stall Speed:
73 kts
Takeoff Distance:
900 Ft
Landing Distance:
1,100 ft (with beta)
Crosswind Component:
17 kias
Rate Of Climb (Solo):
4,000 fpm
Rate Of Climb (Gross):
2,500 fpm
G loading
+6 / -4
35,000 Ft
Range@ Cruise:
2535 nm

Comp Air 12 Gallery

Comp Air 12 Gallery